Dreams Do Come True

WETSET Village born in 1972, a dream of 6 people that banded together to fulfill their dream. None had any money just a dream to have a place to ski and play. We begged borrowed and sold anything and everything to be able to afford, what one day would be our Paradise. The original owners and the builders of WETSET were Lance Renfrow, Art Swiggers, Frank Harrison, Mac McCollum, Walt Cooke and Warren Renfrow. Today 52 years later Frank is the only remaining original owner left and will be here until the end.

The entire facility is 40 acres with lake being about 15 acres, there are now 8 owners and 8 lots.

The owners today after a number ownership changes are Frank Harrison 52 years, Don Strategier 50 years, Tom Ferruzzo 48 years, Janet Kerber Roberts 36 years, Loren Hafen 14 years, Matt Schempp 10 years, Tod and Elida Cowan 7 years and our newest partner Alan Baron 3 years.

A lot has happened in the last 52 years, starting with our first sanction tournament in 1974. We were then honored to host the Western Regionals in 1981, followed by 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2006 and 2017. WETSET also hosted the 1989 Junior and Senior Team Trials (Televised live by ESPN) and in 1983 the Junior Olympic trials.

Yes, we have one more in us; WETSET looks forward to hosting the 2024 Western Regionals.